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Our Services

How We Work

From the get-go, Eckhardt Consulting works with our clients to establish expectations that are in line with their budgets. Once we understand your needs, we develop a fee for only those Eckhardt Consulting services you require. Final pricing depends on the artists and music you want – we work the deal based on budget and get you the best value out there. Our fee is a small percentage of the overall total, and is factored into your budget.

What we offer: Eckhardt Consulting offers a unique combination of services and experience that provides our clients turnkey solutions that drive credibility and guarantee success for your brand. Below are examples of the services we offer – contact us for consultations specific to your needs.

Music Licensing (Clearances)
  • Band & manager approval
  • Master negotiations & licensing
  • Synch negotiations & licensing
  • Sample clearances, negotiation and licensing
Music Supervision
  • Soundtrack supervision (turn-key soundtracks)
  • Original music, studio supervision
  • Pre-recorded music: consulting, selection, Master delivery
  • Band/song research (chart positions, past success, future expectations)
Software Development
  • Strategic License Acquisition
  • Developer/ Publisher relations
  • Product creative design
Strategic Marketing
  • Targeting and securing key partners
  • Management of marketing commitments
  • Promotional trade
  • Tour sponsorships
  • Product placement
  • Artist appearances
  • Artist performances
  • Public relations
  • Radio promotion
Talent Booking
  • Talent supervision (artist research, availability, fees)
  • Contract and rider negotiation
  • On-site artist management and agent relation
Original Music Production
  • Original music, studio supervision
  • Research & hiring of studio musicians
  • Mastering and final delivery of content
  • Secure sponsorships for product launches and live events
  • Fulfillment of sponsorship obligations
Event Production
  • Site selection
  • PR and talent coordination
  • Catering/bar
  • Tours and accommodations
  • Transportation/limo services
  • Special presentations
  • A/V and lighting design
  • Video production