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Case Studies

Learn From the Best

You can learn from the experience of others. The case studies in this section have been selected to demonstrate the experience and depth that Eckhardt Consulting can provide your business.

Guitar Hero Production/Tour – A Case Study

Guitar Hero, launched in Fall 2005 by RedOctane, has quickly become a critically acclaimed, massively popular
video game with record-breaking sales. It remains the best-selling music game in the history of gaming.

The Family Values Tour, considered the premiere summer music tour since 1996, showcases dozens of the hottest national and international bands on a three month national tour, playing for up to 25,000 music fans per night in over 30 markets.

Guitar Hero Final Tour – A Case Study

Eckhardt Consulting designed and produced this tour. Partners included: Hard Rock Café, Spin Magazine & Aerosmith.

Finalists competed at celebrity charity event in Boston and won a custom Steven Tyler motorcycle.

Washington Mutual (WAMU) Talent Acquistion Case Study

Working together with OPTS Events, Eckhardt Consulting has produced two huge, and hugely successful, events for Washington Mutual to launch new market initiatives in two major metropolitan markets:

  • Walk on Home: a series of music concerts to promote and support affordable in New York.

  • Teacherpalooza: a multi-day extravaganza, held in Chicago, featuring The World’s Largest Barbecue while celebrating the contributions of teachers. Winner of several Special Event awards.